China rages ahead of expected Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit

US House Speaker is expected to hold meetings with Taiwanese government officials on Wednesday as China warns the PLA ‘won’t stand idly by’.

Chinese media and officials have warned of dire consequences, calling any such trip a provocation and promising retaliation.

While the White House has not confirmed the trip, multiple reports claim the diplomatic visit is happening in the coming hours as the United States said it would not be intimidated by Chinese threats to never "sit idly by" if she touches down on the self-ruled island claimed by Beijing.

One of the highest ranking US politicians, Ms Pelosi, who began an Asia trip earlier in Singapore, was due to spend Tuesday night in Taiwan, Reuters reports. A Taiwan news outlet and CNN have also reported that the trip is going ahead.

It will be the first trip by a US politician to the island nation since 1997.

The prospect of the visit has enraged China, which abruptly announced live fire drills in waters opposite Taiwan on the weekend in response to the growing likelihood of the visit.

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